Open printable schedule

Time DMS 1160 DMS 1150 DMS 1140 DMS 1120
09:30 Registration opens
10:00 Opening Plenary
10:20 Richard Stallman (DMS 1160)
(This session is a mix of video and live discussion with RMS.)
12:00 Lunch (Foyer)
12:45 What does the financial crisis have
to do with software?
Imploding vs. drifting apart:
the shifting density of free/libre/open
source communities
Open Video Discussion Panel
[Cancelled due to Hurricane]
13:20 Why We Need to Open-Source
The Monetary System
Lecture Broadcast and
Capture using BigBlueButton
Maven: A brief history, introduction and roadmap
[Cancelled due to Hurricane]
13:55 Dancer: a Perl Micro Web
Application Framework
The Architecture of IRCan's
High Resiliency Environment
Git at EGit, JGit and Gerrit
14:30 Break (Foyer)
14:45 Building NetBSD Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
- Software the Wiki Way
Open Data - Successes, Pitfalls and Advocacy Eclipse Build
Service Summit
15:20 The power of code generation:
Dependency Injection in the Browser
Test Driven Development web
development with postgres or mysql.
Explosions, fast cars, and hot,
naked data: <3 from Open Data Ottawa
15:55 Put the 5 in HTML PostgreSQL replication OpenStreetMap - Location, Location, Location
16:30 Keynote: Mike Shaver (DMS 1160)
17:30 BOF talks: rooms stay open
19:00 Reception - National Arts Centre - Salon Room
Menu: Carved rib eye; deluxe Canadienne cheese with stone
fruit; pulled elk and oka cheese monty; indonesian vegetarian
spring rolls with chili-plum sauce; crispy panko crusted ascolana
olives stuffed with aromatic vegetables. Two drinks are included.
22:00 Fin (welcome to linger until midnight)

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