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Title Minutes Filmedsort icon
A WPS Based Biogeography Tool for QGIS 18 16.09.2011
GeoAPI 3.0, Java interfaces as an OGC standard 20 16.09.2011
Sol Katz Award Presentation 7 16.09.2011
Open Source Web Test Engine for Geospatial Standards 28 16.09.2011
PostGIS 2.0, the new stuff 30 16.09.2011
HSLayers 23 16.09.2011
Web Mapping Performance Shootout 25 16.09.2011
HTML5 for Rich Geospatial applications on the web 21 16.09.2011
Tips for the PostGIS Power User 25 16.09.2011
Advanced Cartography for the Web 18 16.09.2011
Store, manipulate and analyze raster data within the PostgreSQL/PostGIS spatial database 23 16.09.2011
Mapbender 3 - Where Are We Going? 23 16.09.2011
Tuning GDAL Raster Performance 22 16.09.2011
Using Web GIS to Display Real-Time Rain/Stream Data with Potential Flood Impacts 18 16.09.2011
Applying the Open Geo-Stack to Web-enabled Things 15 15.09.2011
The Intersection of Geospatial and Business Intelligence 18 15.09.2011
FalconView - Moving from DoD to Open Source 25 15.09.2011
geomap – A new, open-source JavaScript mapping API 24 15.09.2011
Crowdsourcing Aerial Image Mapping with and Cartagen Knitter 18 15.09.2011
Raphael.js: javascript vector graphics library for the web 5 15.09.2011
Managers, start your FOSS engines! 5 15.09.2011
Map design, usability and interaction 22 15.09.2011
Overcoming Open Source and Proprietary Data Interoperability Challenges 30 15.09.2011
Tutorial: Introduction to MapGuide Open Source 70 15.09.2011
A New Way of Open Data 14 15.09.2011