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Title Minutes Filmedsort icon
Eclipse 4 Application Platform: Not commonly known features of the new platform 25 03.11.2011
Eclipse in Space - experiences in the use of Eclipse in the VEGA Space Launcher Project 20 03.11.2011
Dynamic Projects and Minimalistic Workspace Setup in Enterprise Environment 20 03.11.2011
Tycho - the good, bad and ugly 25 03.11.2011
Legacy Systems: The Forgotten Frontier 28 03.11.2011
Know your projects with Skalli 26 03.11.2011
The Making of the OPEES Industrial Working Group 30 03.11.2011
Dynamic Web-Applications with OSGi and RAP 28 03.11.2011
A gentle introduction to p2 28 03.11.2011
TMF meets GMF - Combining Graphical and Textual Modeling 29 03.11.2011
Git from a different (CVS/SVN) perspective 25 03.11.2011
M2Eclipse: The collaboration of the Maven & Eclipse Platforms 35 03.11.2011
Xcore: Ecore Meets Xtext 25 03.11.2011
Experiences from migrating Mylyn to Git and Tycho 32 02.11.2011
Scrum on steroids - Building the "perfect" Scrum app with Eclipse technology 25 02.11.2011
Eclipse 4; Where do we go from here? 25 02.11.2011
Bringing the power of Eclipse to Digitial Hardware designers 19 02.11.2011
Tycho: the next generation of the build system for Eclipse 25 02.11.2011
How to improve the performance of your eclipse based application 25 02.11.2011
Introducing Oobium - an OSGi web framework and tools project 22 11.10.2011
GeoAPI 3.0, Java interfaces as an OGC standard 20 16.09.2011
Sol Katz Award Presentation 7 16.09.2011
Open Source Web Test Engine for Geospatial Standards 28 16.09.2011
PostGIS 2.0, the new stuff 30 16.09.2011
HSLayers 23 16.09.2011