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Title Minutes Filmedsort icon
The Fourth Dimension - Documentation that enhances the user experience 22 30.10.2009
Open Source Accessibility Forum 16 30.10.2009
The future of open educational resources 33 30.10.2009
The Fluid Community 44 30.10.2009
Open Source Education in South Africa 36 30.10.2009
mobile web applications - harnessing the power of infusion 14 30.10.2009
3D in the Browser 51 30.10.2009
Wordpress development 48 30.10.2009
Open Source for fun and profit 51 29.10.2009
GeoShield: server side user permissions management for OGC services 43 23.10.2009
OGC WMS Shootout 47 23.10.2009
GeoServer, GeoTools, GeoBatch: supporting operational Meteorology and Oceanography 35 23.10.2009
GeoServer, GeoTools and GeoBatch: supporting operational Meteorology and Oceanography 35 23.10.2009
OCEAN Toolkit: Incorporating local knowledge into marine spatial planning 28 23.10.2009
JGrass, present and future 24 23.10.2009
Styled Layer Descriptor 25 23.10.2009
Maps and geospatial technology on mobile phones 20 23.10.2009
Improving community safety through wildfire mitigation (using open source) 32 22.10.2009
Openlayers Vector Mayhem 29 22.10.2009
Mapserver project status 29 22.10.2009
CityGML extension for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and IFC 32 22.10.2009
GeoServer application schema support: complex features for the masses 26 22.10.2009
Using cloud computing for high-availability large scale webmapping applications 29 21.10.2009
Integration of Grid and Web Processing Service 28 21.10.2009
Rearranging the landscape of geospatial databases 20 21.10.2009