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Title Minutes Filmedsort icon
Using Spatial Business Intelligence For Asset Management 22 20.09.2013
The Importance Of Open Source Geospatial Labs In Widening Geospatial Education Worldwide 25 20.09.2013
Interactive visualisation of the energy costs of commuting 33 20.09.2013
FOSS4G13 Keynote: Tim Sutton - QGIS 2.0 49 20.09.2013
Real-time Data Analysis And Rendering With HTML5 Canvas 17 20.09.2013
PyModis: The Python Library For MODIS Data 23 20.09.2013
FOSS4G In AWS: Choosing, Deploying And Tuning Open Source Components In AWS 29 20.09.2013
Data-driven Report Writing With R And QGIS 22 20.09.2013
Machine Learning For Remote Sensing : Orfeo ToolBox Meets OpenCV 23 20.09.2013
Boost.Geometry, Introduction And Examples 24 19.09.2013
Introduction To Location And Linked Data 18 19.09.2013
Disconnected Geospatial Mobile & "Open Source" 5 Rules To Success? 25 19.09.2013
Building Catastrophe Models With Open Data And Open Software 28 19.09.2013
Analysis Toolbox For Street Network Comparison: OSM vs the Official Austrian Reference Graph 27 19.09.2013
GDAL/OGR Project Status 36 19.09.2013
The RAGLD (Rapid Assembly Of Geo-centred Linked Data) Framework 26 19.09.2013
Water Quality Forecast And Information System Built With FLOSS Software 20 19.09.2013
Web-based Participatory GIS With Data Collection In The Field: A Prototype Architecture 23 19.09.2013
Big Data In Standardization: Can This Fly? 18 19.09.2013
Gestural Interaction With Spatiotemporal Linked Open Data 16 19.09.2013
A Toe In The Water - Using Open Source Software To Support Catchment Management Planning 29 19.09.2013
Working With Spatial Databases With GeoAlchemy 16 19.09.2013
Coordinate Reference System Challenges In GeoScience Modelling 22 17.09.2013
CLAVIN -- an open source geoparser 35 18.06.2013
High performance, low latency geoprocessing with GeoTrellis 35 29.05.2013