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Titlesort icon Minutes Filmed
A regular day as an Eclipse Committer 20 23.10.2012
2 years of londiste 45 21.05.2010
3D in the Browser 51 30.10.2009
5 good reasons to use open source 4 07.03.2009
6 Myths of Open Source 25 30.10.2008
7 Things I wish I learned at Cal about being an open source developer 55 30.10.2008
A better way to manage millions of map tiles 20 14.09.2011
A brief introduction to Ingres geospatial features 16 14.08.2010
A gentle introduction to p2 28 03.11.2011
A new packet scheduling architecture for FreeBSD 60 13.05.2010
A New Way of Open Data 14 15.09.2011
A Toe In The Water - Using Open Source Software To Support Catchment Management Planning 29 19.09.2013
A WPS Based Biogeography Tool for QGIS 18 16.09.2011
Accelerating remote sensing visualization with WebGL 5 14.09.2011
Adaptive Improvisation and the True Value of Open Source 15 15.09.2011
Adding value to our data: Using OSM in our commercial products 22 09.09.2011
Advanced Cartography for the Web 18 16.09.2011
Advancing global marine biogeography research with open source GIS software and cloud computing 20 14.09.2011
Airborne Law Enforcement and OSM 20 10.09.2011
All About Virgo 60 03.11.2011
amazingly useful and powerful tool for copying files - rsync 5 19.04.2009
An innovative web services based GIS architecture for global biogeographic analyses of species distributions 18 15.09.2011
An Introduction to Vanilla Forums 44 29.10.2010
An Introduction to Verifiedexec in NetBSD 60 11.05.2012
An Open Road Map For Open Street Map 25 09.09.2011