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Title Minutes Filmedsort icon
Open Layers, FOSS4G for teaching, FOSS4G for Business Intelligence 117 02.06.2008
What is Ingres CAFÉ 4 28.08.2008
CAFE: 10 questions for Andrew Ross 9 28.08.2008
Ingres CAFE wins LinuxWorld 2008 best application development tool 36 28.08.2008
7 Things I wish I learned at Cal about being an open source developer 55 30.10.2008
Google Summer of Code Panel Discussion 55 30.10.2008
Challenges facing an Open Source desktop 20 30.10.2008
Building and Running An Open-Source Community: The FreeBSD Project 48 30.10.2008
Open Source Lifestyle: Classroom to Career and beyond 25 30.10.2008
Open Source Database panel discussion 55 30.10.2008
Wireless Driver 25 30.10.2008
Starting an open source company 37 30.10.2008
6 Myths of Open Source 25 30.10.2008
Managing complex projects using shared libraries and makefiles 25 27.11.2008
save typing with pushd and popd 3 01.02.2009
How to use the screen virtual terminal program 5 01.02.2009
Working with ramdisks on Linux 3 02.02.2009
Getting started with open mobile development on the Openmoko platform 25 04.02.2009
Introduction to free/open source development on the Android 25 04.02.2009
Introduction to free/open source development on the iPhone 12 04.02.2009
Scalable techniques for large-text repositories: Google in a box with LAMP tools 57 10.02.2009
Ultra crazy fast filesystem snapshot on Linux 10 21.02.2009
5 good reasons to use open source 4 07.03.2009
What is the future of open source licensing? 72 11.03.2009
Finding files with find 4 21.03.2009