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Title Minutes Filmedsort icon
GIS For All: Exploring The Barriers And Opportunities For Underexploited GIS Applications 15 21.09.2013
MapServer Project Status Report - Meet The Developers! 23 21.09.2013
MapProxy -- Past, Present, Future 22 21.09.2013
GeoCouch: An N-dimensional Index For Apache CouchDB And Couchbase 9 21.09.2013
LIDAR In PostgreSQL With Pointcloud 23 21.09.2013
Using NoSQL & HTML5 to Generate Interactive Web Visualisations Of High-volume Spatio-temporal Data 23 21.09.2013
OpenLayers 3 Showcase 22 21.09.2013
Using OSGeo Live In MSc Teaching 22 21.09.2013
Migration To Open Source Database Systems 21 21.09.2013
TileServer: Hosting Map Tiles And MBTiles 24 21.09.2013
Scribe: MapServer Mapfile Development Made Easy 27 21.09.2013
Web Processing Services Using OS OpenData 26 21.09.2013
GIS Is Not Dead, It's Coming For You And It's Been Drinking JavaScript 28 21.09.2013
Getting The Best Performance For GeoJSON Map Visualizations: PostGIS Vs CouchDB Backend 23 21.09.2013
FOSS4G 2013 Keynote: Kate Chapman 32 21.09.2013
Application Development With OpenLayers 3 25 21.09.2013
OpenLayers 3 - How To Successfully Run A Crowdfunding Campaign For An OSS Project 20 21.09.2013
How To Create A Geocoded Town - Monmouthpedia And Gibraltarpedia 26 21.09.2013
MapServer REST API 20 21.09.2013
Taming Rich GML With stETL, A Lightweight Python Framework For Geospatial ETL 26 21.09.2013
Raster Data In GeoServer And GeoTools: Achievements, Issues And Future Developments 30 21.09.2013
GraphGIS Bringing spatial functionalities to nosql graph databases 25 21.09.2013
Leaflet: Past, Present, Future 26 21.09.2013
OpenLayers 3: Under The Hood 25 21.09.2013
Analysis Of Realtime Stream Data With Anvil 18 21.09.2013