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OGC WMS Shootout

in Database, FOSS4G2009, GeoServer, Programming, Video, Mapserver, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, OSGeo

This talk at OSGeo's FOSS4G conference was a web mapping service (WMS) performance shootout between Mapserver and Geoserver. Andrea Aime and Jeff McKenna did the benchmark and talk - very well done guys! Don't worry, the sound is fine after the music stops maybe a minute in.

Andrea Aime
Jeff McKenna
30 Aug

The verdict is in, and the best open source license is...

in BSD, Community, Company, Entrepreneurship, Legal, Video, EPL, GPL, Eclipse, Licenses

Which license is the best license for business? For community? For academia? For government? What are the key factors that influence the decision regarding an open source license? Are there certain things you should look out for?

This debate featured a panel of experts to examine the key factors influencing the decision to choose a particular license, as well as the subtle differences between the GPL, EPL, and BSD licences. These licenses cover a good range of the open source license spectrum.

The panel was:

Which Open Source License is Best? from Andrew Ross on Vimeo.

The video is also available in ogg format. As well, an mp3 is available.

Portable Perl Daemons

in Programming, Summercamp2009, Video, Perl


Ottawa, ON
45° 24' 41.6592" N, 75° 41' 53.4984" W

This talk is a talk about how to properly create a portable daemon process on Windows and Linux with Perl.

Tim Procter
03 May

Are open source communities sexist?

in Community, Entrepreneurship, Legal, Video, Ingres, Eclipse, FOSSLC, Mozilla

We recently did a panel discussion with panellists from organizations actively involved in open source including IBM, Redhat, Ingres, Eclipse, Mozilla, and i365, a Seagate company. Panellists included:
* Ingres CEO - Roger Burkhardt
* Mozilla Executive Director - Mark Surman
* Eclipse Executive Director - Mike Milinkovich
* IBM Software Developer - Lawrence Mandel
* i365, A Seagate Company Software Developer - Austin Ziegler
* Redhat, Solutions Architect - Andrew Jennings

The 3 pillar themes of the evenings panel were to be education, business, and government. The session was interactive and thus the potential to explore other areas. Greg Wilson asked why the data indicates that open source is multiple times less inclusive to women (than closed source/corporate development). This was based on some research by Greg and Michelle Levesque. See one of their papers - Women in Software Open Source, Cold Shoulder.

Thus we had an unexpected and important discussion about open source inclusiveness - particularly towards women. I will comment further later, and we hope to revisit this issue with future discussions. I won't spoil the video for now - enjoy.

Are open source communities sexist? from Andrew Ross on Vimeo.

We also have an OGG version of the video available for those only using open codecs.