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All About Open Source

in Community, Database, Education, Entrepreneurship, Legal, OAK1, Misc

This event had a number of talks regarding community development and technical skills.

Seven Things I Wish I'd Learned at Cal About Being An Open Source Developer - Brian Behlendorf
6 Myths of Open Source - Emma McGrattan
Starting an Open-Source Based Company - Eric Allman
Building and Running An Open-Source Community: The FreeBSD Project. - Dr. Kirk McKusick
The Open Source Lifestyle - Classroom to Career and Beyond - Karsten Wade
Challenges Facing an Open Source Desktop - Matt Olander
Wireless Driver - Sam Leffler
Open Source Databases Panel - Bill Maimone, Josh Berkus, Julian Hyde, Mark Atwood, John Sichi (moderator Christine Normile)
Google Summer of Code Panel - Leslie Hawthorn, Murray Stokely (Mentor), John Engler (Student)

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 30, 2008


University of California, Berkeley Oakland, CA
United States
37° 48' 15.7392" N, 122° 16' 14.8908" W