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10 Feb

Letter to President Obama from Open Source Company Leaders

Some quotes from this letter representing leaders of a number of open source companies:

"We also believe in the critical role of open-source software to create the applications and infrastructure necessary to support electronic medical records and other government-funded technology projects."

"Building high quality software at much lower costs through collaboration will be a catalyst for good work between software developers in the IT industry and subject matter experts, like doctors and nurses, in the public sector."

See more here:

10 Feb

All your server are belong to open source

I love trend data. If you can get access to decent data going back a decade or more you can often notice a strong trend. In these cases there's no opinion involved to make an inference. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. There is plenty of trend data visible when it comes to open source adoption. The results presented below are interesting.

08 Feb

OpenMM permits Faster Desktop Computer Simulations Of Molecular Motion

Science Daily is reporting on a new open source project out of Stanford that allows tracking of Molecular Motion. This technology makes creative use of Graphics Processing Units (GPU's) to result in a system that is 100's of times faster than previous technology.

Here are some quotes from the article:
"a new open-source software package developed at Stanford University is making it possible to do complex simulations of molecular motion on desktop computers at much faster speeds than has been previously possible."

Managing complex projects using shared libraries and makefiles

Chuck Thibert