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25 Feb

More job statistics - relative interest in programming languages

In the interest if examining relative interest in programming languages on an aggregate scale, I decided to refer to

This first chart compares C++, C#, Perl, Python, and visual basic. The notable surprises are the seeming lesser interest in Perl, Python, and visual basic. Since VB is a Microsoft only language, and frankly C++ or C# can do anything VB can do, that can be explained. I was expecting more interest in Perl and Python however - I wonder why this is?

You may have noticed I left Java and PHP off the list, here's why:

Clearly the interest in PHP and Java is much higher than the other languages. Referring back to: Where are the open source jobs? - I'll comment that an individual might be more interested in the probability of a higher salary on Java vs. PHP. Certainly I wouldn't advise locking yourself into one vendor with Visual Basic.

Based on this totally unscientific (yet valiant effort to stick to data & trends) approach, I feel confident declaring that open source programming languages are at least the equal of closed source ones. If anything, the data indicates that open source programming languages dominate closed source ones.

23 Feb

FOSSLC Newsletter - February, 2009

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21 Feb

Ultra crazy fast filesystem snapshot on Linux

One of the critical things you'll do often in information technology is taking a backup. This is so important, many companies buy *very* expensive RAID, SAN, and NAS gear.

This is a very handy way to create a snapshot of a logical volume on Linux. It lets you create a near instant snapshot and then back up the data in off-peak times. It provides a handful of very useful attributes:

1) Very fast snapshot creation (sub second in many cases)
2) Extremely efficient in terms of disk space (copies original files as they are modified)
3) Choose a meaningful name for the snapshot volume and mount it where ever you wish to acccess
4) You can snapshot very quickly during peak times, and then circle back around later to transfer the data in off-peak times
5) Costs you $0 - it comes free with Linux

This short video provides a demo & how-to guide:

Instant snapshot/backup with lvcreate on Linux from Andrew Ross on Vimeo.

20 Feb

Large Compiere ERP contract in France

In my post - "Where are the open source jobs?" I noted that demand and salaries for enterprise open source applications looked less mature than others such as application servers, system administration, and database analysts - stating "In the Business applications area, there clearly is room for growth of open source business applications". Coincidently, TheVARGuy is reporting on a deal between La Poste (45M customers) and Axilom a solutions provider and Compiere gold partner.

Quotes from the article:

"La Poste plans to leverage Compiere Professional, a commercial open source ERP solution, within a Business-to-Business division, to replace existing sales, purchasing, inventory, and payment processing systems, according to Compiere."

Read more here