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28 Feb

Interview about OpenMoko & other great videos about iPhone, Android

A few weeks back we did an event about embeded mobile development. It was exciting to see the state of development on the iPhone, Android, and OpenMoko. We recently followed up with Jean-Michel Bouffard who delivered the OpenMoko talks. Enjoy!

The links to the talks are below. They were really very good. Thank you to the speakers for sharing their knowledge.

27 Feb

Clearing up confusion about the GPL

Today, an article entitled "The risks of using open source software" was publised at

It is really encouraging to see a business site covering open source. This article in particular may be misleading and so I chose to comment on it. Unfortunately it appears the comments do not show up anywhere practical so I'll blog the comments here.

27 Feb

Open source is anti-capitalist?

Taking a step back for a moment. I believe it's possible to visualize just what is at stake for large closed source companies that have been "printing money" for some time now. The party has been raging for a while. They can see the sun rising on a new dawn out the window and know it has to end some time. Not sure if open source is a threat to Microsoft? Read: Open Source: Severe competitive pressure on Microsoft as it presents quotes from Microsoft's 10-K SEC filings. (SEC filings are a little more stringent than marketing spin of course).

For this reason, marketing from companies like Microsoft is grasping at straws to spread FUD about open source and keep the party going. It is unfortunate to see this is successful in the short term as illustrated by an article by Patrick Thibodeau at Computerworld. There is a perception apparently that open source is anti capitalist. The truth is precisely the opposite.

Educating to counteract this kind of marketing FUD is one of the reasons FOSSLC exists.

I particularly like Scott McNealy's take on open source vs. closed source below.

25 Feb

IE woefully out-classed in browser benchmarks

This story presents benchmarks showing Apple's Safari as the fastest browser using the Sunspider Javascript benchmark suite. I'd like to point out that the open source browsers - Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all handily beat IE. There are other benchmarks and data agreeing that IE is one of the slowest browsers on the market.