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10 Mar

Open Source To Fuel Smartphone Growth Through 2013

I've noted in previous posts that Motorola is banking on Android. With competition between RIM, Palm, Apple, Google, Nokia, and other players - pressure is really mounting in the mobile embedded sector. Inevitably, as new entrants compete in the market, cost will become more of a factor.

Related to this thought, an article from informatinonweek discusses pressure on Symbian from rivals. What I found most interesting was the observation that smart phones are out selling notebooks - fascinating!.

10 Mar

Renegade iPhone app store opens

In February, we did an event in Waterloo, Ontario covering mobile embedded development. Open source mobile embedded development is a very exciting and fast moving area. One of the speakers from this event, Jay Freeman, did a talk about development on the iPhone and Cydia.

There was an article at tgdaly discussing this yesterday. The article discusses jailbreaking, unlocking, and speculates on Apples response. Quotes from the article:

06 Mar

Why I chose Arch Linux

Being relatively new to open source and Linux I have over the last two years been jumping between Linux Distros, having a hard time settling down. I've gotten a feel for a few distributions including Fedora, Ubuntu and openSUSE. They all had parts which I liked but they also contained features which I found annoying at times. Eventually I ended up trying Arch Linux.