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Get quotes for catering

Engage catering organization at Algonquin to get a quote for:

1) Speakers dinner

We'd like to offer a choice of beef, chicken, fish, or vegetarian. The choices will be selected ahead of time as part of registration.

We're expecting approximately 60 people, but should get an estimate per head so we can adjust.

2) Lunches for 3 days

We'd like to offer sandwiches, cookies, fruit, and a drink.

We're expecting approximately 350 people, but should get an estimate per head so we can adjust.

3) Snacks for 3 days

Muffins, cookies coffee, juice, water.

Have signs made

We need 6 high quality sandwich board signs. We want them to be generic so they are reusable for each event. The signs should have the FOSSLC logo, and a directional arrow so we can direct people at our events. They should be double sided, and ideally have a 8 1/2" by 11" plastic insert so that we can add a flyer for each event.

The signs should be designed such that they fit easily and flat within the trunk of a typical car. As well, the finish should be such that they can take a little abuse without falling apart or deteriorating significantly.

The budget for this is $600-$800.



This project is for tracking tasks related to FOSSLC Summercamp 2009.