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Ottawa Open Source Business Breakfast - September 9, 2009

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This event is the monthly open source business breakfast for the Ottawa area. The intention is to bring industry, government, academia, and community together once a month for an enjoyable breakfast of networking, good food, and a couple of short (15 minute) presentations. This event will run Monthly.

8:30am – 9:00am Networking Breakfast
9:00am – 9:15am Eseri demo by Bill Stewart
9:15am – 9:30am Mapsherpa demo by Dave McIlhagga
9:30am – 10:00am Networking

Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 9, 2009


246 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON
45° 25' 12.5292" N, 75° 42' 6.0084" W


MapSherpa Demo

I'll be providing a demonstration of MapSherpa - a website being launched on August 31st that allows users to create custom topographic, terrain and street maps for anywhere in Canada. The maps can be downloaded as high quality PDFs or large format prints can be ordered, and we will print and ship them to you.Almost all of the underlying technology is open source. In particular some of the key projects from the Open Source Geospatial (OSGeo) Foundation are used by MapSherpa including MapServer and OpenLayers. DM Solutions Group has been among the leading contributor worldwide to both of these projects, so this demonstration will focus as much on the business transformation required to roll-out MapSherpa as the service itself.If you enjoy the outdoors you might find this particularly interesting. You can setup a free account and create your own topographic maps of Canada at

Will demo solution for "Acme Inc.

Hi, I'll be demonstrating the solution that we have setup for example company Acme Inc., "the world's largest provider of defective explosives to Wile E. Coyote".  I'm also the owner of the public Wiki on which are listed many of the best in class FOSS components we've integrated.  Basically we believe that software engineers are far too smart and valuable people to be wasting their time duplicating proprietary code for yet another closed application.  This lost energy is a global tragedy, and when you consider that 1/3'rd of your calories are burned by the brain, may also be a significant contributor to global warming.  At Eseri we've tried to prove that you can integrate a complete system from Intranet to applications with the best of FOSS and get a better, interoperable, less expensive, and lower risk solution.  And then we put it in the cloud so you can access it on virtual desktops.  Hopefully we will build a viable business to serve our customers, company personnel, and shareholders well.  However, if we do anything, even just a little, to contribute to freeing up some of the many brilliant developers labouring way in one proprietary software sweatshop after another, so they can spend more time working on increasingly global standard FOSS, or helping the U.N. to help solve the problems of the world, as just two possibilities among many, then we will count our efforts truly worthwhile :-)  Cheers, Bill


A quick background on Eseri - for the last few years we've been putting together a hosted IT system for small business with 24 integrated FOSS applications (more details at The system is all inclusive - servers, databases, storage, a management interface and more make it a complete environment which essentially outsources most of your IT needs. You could run a business with netbooks and an internet connection. Thanks to FOSSLC for the presentation opportunity, we're looking for more companies to use our system and currently are offering an extended free trial period and discounted subscription pricing.