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Why are we creating

04 Dec

It seems fitting that the first blog entry at Free and Open Source Software Learning Centre ( should be about why we created

Prior to creating Free and Open Source Learning Centre (, we created Open Source Bootcamp (osbootcamp). We created osbootcamp to provide skills development and outreach with open source. In particular, we wanted to focus on crucial skills such as working with code repositories, working with build engines like make, and open source development practices. As well, we wanted to help people understand the fundamental skills and etiquette they need in order to be able to get involved with Eclipse, OSGeo, Mozilla, Linux, and many other communities.

In the first year of osbootcamp, we held a dozen events on two continents. We recorded over 40 hours of content including slides and full video and made them available online for free. We had much support from over 30 volunteers, 59 speakers, a number of sponsors, and 6 Universities. These successes exceeded our expectations and confirmed we'd found a niche that wasn't addressed.

Along the way we actively started reaching out to new companies and Universities to grow and reach new people. Some of these relationships blossomed easily. We anticipate 9 more Universities working with us in 2009. We're in talks with roughly 15 more Universities and over a dozen corporations. People have been very impressed by the high quality of the content in our videos and how well run our events are.

Striving for constant improvement, we recognized some prospective relationships were not so easy. A few people came right out and said it (thank you BTW) - we need to elevate our brand image if we want them to get involved. It became clear from some of the feedback that we were losing people at the front door with our amateurish look and feel on our web site. Thus, we needed to invest to bring it up to par with the quality of the other things we do.

This site is the first step in our plan to improve our brand and continue to grow. We also plan some interesting offerings beyond skills development and outreach in 2009.

Thank you for your support.


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