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Why legal protection for technical measures is controversial

in Legal, SC2010, Misc
Russell McOrmond

Some time before the SummerCamp a new Canadian Copyright bill will be tabled. Since Canada intends to ratify the 1996 WIPO treaties it will contain some form of legal protection for technical measures, also known as anti-circumvention legislation.

I will provide some aids to understanding different types of technical measures, and well as reasons why some are highly controversial while others are not. (Hint: It matters who owns the thing that is locked, and who holds the keys)

We will go through a little history discussing the origins of this policy, as well as a few treaties, trade agreements, and laws in other countries which contain this policy.

In the discussion it is expected we will encourage participants to become politically involved in helping clarify this issue for politicians and other policy makers, so we can avoid (or amend) very bad laws.