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What the heck is FOSSLC?

23 Aug in Community, Entrepreneurship, Misc

We've been asked enough times lately what FOSSLC is that I was thinking a short blog on this topic might be a good idea. We've evolved from where we started a few years ago so it's worthwhile to see what it is we do today.

Our tag line is pretty accurate: FOSSLC is a non-profit corporation dedicated to education, community, and business development involving open source technologies. But what does this *really* mean?


We got pretty good at doing events teaching skills after 30+ events. We still run events regularly - mostly on demand based on what people want to learn or share. Why would you want to do an event with us? Well, we apply the same concepts around open source development to events. We share the costs, risks, and benefits across multiple parties. Multiple parties put in a little, avoid taking on a lot of risk, and get bigger and better events in return.


As time has progressed, building the tools and processes we needed to reach a wider audience on-line, we have specialized in recording and hosting videos. We developed open source software called Freeseer to make this better quality and more efficient. We've gotten to be so good at recording talks and demos that we now offer a better quality videos for about 1/2 to 1/4 of commercial prices. Why better? Check out one of our videos and witness the sound and screen quality for yourself. We started out paying people and paying for someone else's software. We searched high and low to find alternatives so we are fairly experienced in terns of what the industry offers and what they charge.

We now offer our video recording as a service on a cost-recovery basis to any open source organization. We'll come to your event, record the talks you want recorded, and handle the details so you don't have to. Why would you do this? Simple, you'll reach between 4 and 10 times as many people - sometimes even more. If you're trying to get more people using your software, this is a good way to support growth. If you're trying to make money from selling service/support/consulting around your software, this grows your base of potential customers.

Who are you?

We stopped spending much time counting & crowing at around 1,000 members and half a million web visitors per year. A certain amount of bean counting is a necessary evil to secure sponsorship and be taken seriously. A glance at the videos we've captured should show some of the amazing people and organizations involved. This doesn't do full justice to the team of volunteers that make FOSSLC go. Like most organizations we have people specializing in everything from marketing, logistics, communications, software development, IT, and more. Thank you by the way! We're sorry we can't name all the names, partially for privacy reasons, and partially out of sheer terror that we'd forget someone.

We have a tiny 3-person board of directors at the moment to keep us nimble and responsive. We do plan on expanding this in the future to bring the kind of people we need to really grow FOSSLC to its full potential.

What's wrong with you people?

Why do we do this? Well, we get to help people if only in a small way while meeting interesting people, learning and developing useful technology, and having fun. Need we say more? Many of us have gainful employment, good educations, children, and hobbies in addition. As far as we know, none of us are brain damaged.