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TMF meets GMF - Combining Graphical and Textual Modeling

in ECE, ECE2011, Video, Eclipse

Both, graphical as well as textual modeling, indisputably have their respective advantages (and disadvantages). And while a few evangelists might praise the superiority of one formalism over the other, the combination of both into a single integrated modeling tool seems to be the holy grail most modelers are indeed searching for.

While with the GMF runtime, a mature framework to develop graphical modeling tools has already been around for quite a while (which is now complemented by Graphiti), Xtext has recently closed the gap with respect to textual modeling. As such, the longed for undertaking has in theory - at least to some extent - become feasible.

Within this talk I will sketch how the integration of fully featured Xtext cell editors with support for syntax highlighting, auto-completion, scoping, and validation into a GMF-based graphical editor (and its related property sheets) can be technically achieved.

Alexander Ny├čen