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Tips for the PostGIS Power User

in FOSS4G, FOSS4G2011, Video, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, OSGeo

PostGIS, is an OGC standard spatial database system, and the most common spatial database in the world of open source geospatial. Most users of PostGIS know how to get data in and out, and to form common queries, but there is much more the database can do.

The PostGIS spatial database is a full GIS system, with a SQL interface. We will cover GIS operations like overlays and unions, database topics like partitioning and performance, spatial indexes, and core spatial database concepts like Dimensionally Extended 9 Intersection Model (DE-9IM). We will review the functionality of some obscure non-standard functions in PostGIS, and discuss new features like the "geography" type and how to use them in conjunction with existing standard functionality.

Paul Ramsey