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Task-focused modeling with Mylyn, EMF and Papyrus

in ECE, ECE2011, EMF, Video, Mylyn, Eclipse

In order to bring the productivity benefits of the task-focused interface to engineers using Eclipse-based modeling technologies, Mylyn created a “Context Bridge” for EMF-based models and diagram editors. The result of this will be a focused mode for diagrams that shows only the elements related to the task-at-hand, dramatically reducing information overload for engineers working on large models. In addition, the task-focused interface extensions will provide Mylyn’s one-click multitasking facilities for working with models, ensuring that engineers can instantly recover from interruptions, and share model-specific expertise, when working with models in addition to what Mylyn already provides for engineers working with source code. In this session, we will showcase the use of the task-focused interface within the Ecore Tools and the Papyrus UML Editor. In addition, we will discuss the aspects of bringing the task-focused interface to model and diagram editors and will give a quick overview how to enable these for your own diagram types.

Benjamin Muskalla