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Practical Migration to Java 7 - Small Codeexamples

in ECE, ECE2011, Video, Java, Eclipse

Java 7 is finally there. Time to look at what we have with Project Coin and where it could help. Imagine, you are using Java 7 in your daily work. Where do you start? Which are the parts you start looking at? This session is going to look into some real life projects and examine the places where Java 7 could help.

The goal of Project Coin was to determine what set of small language changes should be added to JDK 7. A few finally made it into it:
Strings in switch, Binary integral literals and underscores in numeric literals, Multi-catch and more precise rethrow, Improved type inference for generic instance creation (diamond), try-with-resources statement and Simplified varargs method invocation. I will look into some real life examples and show how to apply the new features to enhance your code.

Markus Eisele