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Plugin loading logic changed in backend

25 Oct in Programming, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer


Quick update tonight I push to experimental a change in the backend plugin logic

The new changes is a first step to allowing Freeseer to doing things like Record from VGA2USB and a Webcam at the same time. Basically a plugin (such as USBsrc) can now be loaded multiple times. Previously if you wanted 2 USBsrc the workaround would have been to create a 2nd USBsrc plugin but now the same one can be used. Some more work on the plugin side needs to be done to allow one to pick the physical USB device per instance before this is fully usable. Eg 1st instance would load /dev/video0 while 2nd instance may load /dev/video1.


Another change was added as well along with the logic change. Freeseer when using Output plugins that support both audio and video can now be coded such that if video or audio is disabled in config, the Output plugins can ignore those components allowing Freeseer to record in modes where only audio or only video is recorded.

The output plugin's init function is now changed to take 3 parameters however due to this change.

get_output_bin(self, audio=True, video=True, metadata=None)

audio, and video are boolean values that is passed by the backend to let the plugin know if it needs to load each component respectively.

This also means when creating the bins the developer will need to write the code to handle both situations.