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The NetBSD Way

in BSD, Community, SC2010


Ottawa, ON
45° 24' 41.6592" N, 75° 41' 53.4984" W

The origins of BSD and Open Source predate the modern Linux renaissance by a decade and a half, and BSD derived codebases are still going strong.

What makes a BSD community different from a Linux community? What technological decisions are given more priority in the BSD world? Why should you care, and why should you use BSD? Come and hear a new perspective.

The first BSD Unix-derivative operating system was developed in 1977. Shared as Open Source from the beginning, it provided many people's first exposure to the Open Source concept - especially through its use as the basis for the original SunOS, or the reuse of its TCP/IP stack on widely varied systems (including MS Wi

More recently, whole generations of Open Source developers have grown familiar with Linux as an operating system and community structure, and they've had limited, or no, exposure to BSD.

The two cultures have similarities, but also many differences in their approach to community building, code maintenance, design and development, and project man

Many OSCON conference attendees may only have exposure to The Linux Way. Come and hear about The BSD Way, and you'll find out why BSD is still going strong, the benefits it can offer you as a user or as a developer, and why us BSD folks don't just drop it all and contribute to Linux instead.

David Maxwell