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Legacy Systems: The Forgotten Frontier

in ECE, ECE2011, Video, Eclipse

Legacy systems: the painful frontier. These are the voyages of the Yatta re-engineers. Their mission: to explore ancient software worlds, to seek out dependencies, structures and models, to boldly go, where no tool has gone before.

In many enterprises software is developed for decades. Ada, Eiffel, Smalltalk, Visual Objects – whatever programming language has been used, there are systems out there that have never been touched by a modern IDE.

Staff varies over time and documentation is rare. Maintenance and enhancements are becoming increasing pain points. Migration to new technologies is sorely needed – but too expensive.

In our session we will describe reverse engineering approaches for ancient software systems. The audience is going to see several reverse engineering techniques using Eclipse technologies (free and commercial) for creating documentation of legacy systems that can be used for further development or re-engineering.

This session is aimed at IT managers, software engineers and project leaders who have experience working on, with or suffering from grown legacy systems.

Manuel Bork
Carsten Reckord