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Ingres 10.1 with geospatial support available

13 Oct in Community, Company, Database, Programming, Ingres, OSGeo

Updated October 22, 2010

Binary loads of Ingres 10.1.0-3 with geospatial support are now available. This software is licensed under the GPL license version 2. A brief video introducing this software is available.

This includes:

  • OGC SFS SQL v1.1 data types & functions
  • Projections, EPSG data loaded automatically
  • Support for Java, C/C++, .NET, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc

A snapshot of the source is available.

Binary Installers are available for:
Fedora Linux 32 bit RPM packages
Fedora Linux 64 bit RPM Packages
Ubuntu Linux 32 bit DEB Packages
Windows 32 bit installer

For more information, visit our wiki.


10.1.0-3 is available

All known bugs are fixed. The following is the notable new content in this build:

  • Fixed ST_Within()
  • Merged latest from 10.0.0's GA
  • Loadbuild fix to make compiling Ingres with Xerces less of a hair pulling excercise
  • Fixes for Windows 64 bit

10.1.0-2 is available

We have fixed all major bugs and some minor ones too. We've updated the download links to let you download Ingres 10.1.0-2 which includes these changes. We've also made .deb packages available for those using Debian based distributions such as Ubuntu. See our contact information below if you need to report bugs or ask questions.

If you need help

Please don't be shy.

One person found a bug which turned out to be a crash in GEOS on 64 bit Fedora 13. We're fixing it and will rebuild with some other fixes and enhancements soon.

Feedback has been especially positive from those using Windows for some reason (we're Linux guys mostly).

If you need help, please consider the following ways to get in touch with us:

  • #ingres in IRC (
  • Post on our gis-users discussion list
  • Call me at 1-877-253-0617 extension 101
  • other options such as skype, instant messaging, and more are available

Will you support ArcGIS?

Will you support ArcGIS?

Yes, we'd like to

Open source projects are obviously easier for us to get directly involved and help ensure Ingres is a supported database. In many cases, you can find excellent options for instance projects at OSGeo - it's hard to beat Mapserver, GeoServer, OpenLayers, and more.

For closed source projects it's a bit harder as it requires the organization who owns the code to choose to work with us. This is usually based in pragmatism. If enough people ask for it, it'll happen.

In either case, we're glad to work to make sure the applications you want support Ingres. Thanks for asking - we'll take that as interest.

Good work, Andrew!

Thanks a lot for these builds. They will make it easier to have an "early play" with Ingres + Geospatial. :)Kind regardsDejan


Thanks for the kinds words Dejan. It was a team effort. I'd like to thank the following people who committed code for this release:

  • Alex Trofast
  • Chuck Thibert
  • Denise McLeod
  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Eva Wong
  • Viktoriya Driker

Special thanks to the various experts & specialists who provided valuable advice and guidance:

  • Dave McIlhagga & Paul Spencer from DM Solutions/ Map Sherpa
  • Alison Stillway, Doug Inkster, Karl Schendel, Ian Kirkham, Chris Clark, Gordy Thorpe, Ralph Loen, Jay Hankinson, Zelaine Fong, and more from Ingres
  • Suprio, Bogdan, Angela and the rest of the team at the University of Toronto
  • Greg Wilson and the UCOSP team.
  • Our gratitude to the OSGeo community for producing and sharing great software such as GEOS, Proj.4, GDAL/OGR, GeoTools, MapServer, and so much more. It is our honour and pleasure to be part of such a vibrant community. This is just the start... we will continue to support OSGeo with more code, testing, time/energy, and money.
  • And of course Ingres, Bill Maimone, and Roger Burkhardt for supporting this project.

As I say, we're just getting started. You ain't seen nothing yet. :-)

I hope we will soon have

I hope we will soon have geospatial support in official Ingres builds! What you guys accomplished so far is grrrrreat!

Geospatial into Ingres' main codeline

Thank you kindly for the positive feedback.

Let me be clear - these builds are as official as any other. You'll get the same quick response for issues reported, questions, and feedback.

In terms of the geospatial features being merged into Ingres' main code line, that'll happen very soon now. We had to hold off merging in until Ingres Enterprise 10.0.0 released. Once we do merge, the geospatial features will start showing up in all builds including those distributed via