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Improved Translation support

16 Oct in Programming, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer

Tonight's commit adds some needed improvements to the translation code for Freeseer. Translations in the experimental branch had been broken for quite some time due to changes in the codebase but with this new code change not only has it been fixed, it should work better than before. This however unfortunately does mean new translation files will need to be created and translations need to be redone but shouldn't be too hard with the new code base as some tweaks done to the code have been done to make these translations more manageable.

I'd like to start off with showing some screens of the new UI translations below so you can get an idea of what our translated interface looks like so far with our UI translated to Chinese and Japanese. The first set of screens is the translation of our About Dialog box that appears when you click on Help > About.

AboutDialog - Chinese Translation AboutDialog - Japanese Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation

The Freeseer Recording UI is next.

RecordUI - Chinese Translation RecordUI - Japanese Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation

The Freeseer TalkEditor UI:

TalkEditorUI - Chinese Translation TalkEditorUI - Japanese Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation

The ConfigTool UI:

ConfigUI - Chinese Translation ConfigUI - Japanese Translation
ConfigUI - Chinese Translation ConfigUI - Japanese Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation

The Config UI still has some work before it's completely translatable. As you can see in the screenshots the left panel menu is still all in English, this is because the code for this menu does not have translation strings available yet but it will be added in the future. Another thing not shown in the screenshots is plugins, at this point we don't yet support the translation of plugins as well as their config options but this can be supported in the future updates.

All the UIs have a menu with a link for Options > Language that allow you to dynamically switch your language while Freeseer is running.

Language Menu

Currently this is the only way to set the language, in the future we will add an option to the ConfigTool to allow users to configure their default language preference rather than defaulting to English on startup.

aboutui_ja.jpeg74.13 KB
aboutui_zh_CN.jpeg62.27 KB
recordui_zh_CN.jpeg24.69 KB
recordui_ja.jpeg26.35 KB
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