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How To Create A Geocoded Town - Monmouthpedia And Gibraltarpedia

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Monmouthpedia was the first Wikipedia project to embrace a whole town—specifically, the Welsh town of Monmouth (pron.: /ˈmɒnməθ/ MON-məth; Welsh: Trefynwy). The project aimed to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant, animal and other things in Monmouth in as many languages as possible, but with a special focus on Welsh. This was a different scale of wikipedia-project. The project was jointly funded by Monmouthshire County Council and Wikimedia UK, Monmouthshire County Council and it included free town wide Wi-Fi for the project. " Monmouthpedia uses QRpedia codes, a type of bar code a smartphone can read through its camera (using one of the many free QR readers available) that takes you to a Wikipedia article in your language. QR codes are extremely useful, as physical signs have no way of displaying the same amount of information and in a potentially huge number of languages. Articles have coordinates (geotags) to allow a virtual tour of the town using Wikipedia's mobile apps (or the Wikipedia layer on Google Streetview) and are available in augmented reality software including Layar. Monmouthpedia may not use standard black and white QR codes, in order to differentiate between MonmouthpediA codes and other schemes and individual's codes. There are different kinds of QR code—plaques and labels—all put up with the permission of the council and building owner: GibraltarpediA is the first Wikipedia project to aspiresto bridge two continents. Like Monmouthpedia the project aims to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant and animal in Gibraltar in as many languages as possible. This is a large WikiProject; it's at least three times the size of MonmouthpediA. The area of interest includes the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Spanish municipalities along the coast of the Bay of Gibraltar, the northernmost coast of Morocco and Ceuta. This project also uses NFC technology in addition to QR codes The authors are currently working in Gibraltar to demonstrate geotagging in practise. The project uses open street map to keep track of its progress.



Roger Bamkin