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Freeseer UI Tweaks

23 Oct in Programming, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer

2 big UI tweaks were pushed into experimental this weekend, the backend was reworked to support the GStreamer Paused state as well as all the frontends have minor tweaks and bug fixes which adds more polish to the Freeseer product .

The first big change is the Recording UI now supports a new paused state for Freeseer. Below screen shows the new Freeseer Recording UI with Pause button.

Recording Window initialized


When the record button is now pressed Freeseer will by default immediatly enter the paused state as shown below.

Recording button pushed


This allows the backend GStreamer to setup all the pipelines and buffers to become ready and for recording. If you've ever used Freeseer with an external usb device such as the vga2usb device you'll know it takes a few seconds to turn on the device and become prepared for recording. This causes us to not actually be able to predict exactly when the device is ready for recording. With the new paused state we can have a more deterministic view of when recording actually starts.

When you are ready to record you simply need to unpause and recording will begin immediately.

Recording activated.


Pause also serves another more useful function. At conferences occassionally there would be an intermission between talks where nothing is happening. Normally we would stop the recording and restart and Freeseer would record to a new file with the index at the end of the filename incremented. Now with the ability to Pause, you can set Freeseer to pause state during the intermission, once the speaker is ready to start again you simply just unpause and continue the recording to the same file. This will save us editing time at the end of the talk.


The 2nd change that was pushed this weekend is a bit more minor. You may have noticed the Icons in the above screens are a bit different. This is because all the UI interfaces have been changed to use themed Icons (from your Desktop Environment theme). Unfortunately this only works on Desktop Environments that follow the standard such as KDE and Gnome so we still need a fallback for OSes like Windows and Mac, the fallback icons are currently set to the Icons we've always been using so if your using Freeseer on a system that doesn't support themed icons, Freeseer will still look the same. Below are some screenshots of what the new UI for the TalkEditor looks on my system running KDE. 



Even menu items now have icons.

File Menu

Help Menu

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