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CSV Import/Export Support

28 Oct in Blog, UCOSP FALL 2011, UCOSP, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer

CSV import/export feature were pushed to Freeseer's experimental branch earlier this week.
To export CSV open Freeseer-TalkEditor. 
A textbox and two button were added to the TalkEditor's UI.
The textbox is for manually entering the CSV file path, a button for selecting a CSV file using QT's file selector and another button for loading the CSV content.

In order to import a CSV file. 
Manually enter the CSV file path or click the "Select CSV" button to select a csv file.
Then press the "Load talks from CSV" button.

If the CSV file is well defined talks will be impored from CSV file.
The csv file requires the first line to be the header, and must include Title and Speaker .

Each entry is separated by a line and each field is separated by comma. 

A sample csv file is included below.
Intro to Freeseer,Thanh Ha,,,SC2011,T105,2
Fosslc,LcFoss,Abstract,Over 9000,LcFoss,Room 2,2am
Freeseer,Andrew,Abstract,Over 9000,Fosslc Conference,Room 2,2am
Exam,Joseph,Philosophy,Over 90000,University of Toronto,Bahen,4pm
Freeseer Intro,Andrew,Freeseer Introduction,Over 9000,Fosslc 2011,Great Hall,1pm
Freeseer Update,Andrew,Freeseer UCOSP update,Over 9000,Fosslc 2011,,2pm

To export a CSV file select File from the menu bar, then select Export to CSV. Select the file you want to save the CSV to.


Where to download freeseer?

The github project page is empty and I can't find any links off this portal.

Moved to organization at github

Here it is:

Sorry about that, we moved to an organization (rather than just a project) at Github so it changed the URL. We think we got most of the referring links fixed now.