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Basic Design for Drupal

in Drupal, Programming, SC2010
Emma Jane Hogbin

"Design to Theme in Five"
You've designed this super amazing Web site in Photoshop (or Illustrator or GIMP or Inkscape or...) and then you hand it over to some programmer and now the Web site doesn't look anything like your design. BOO! HISS!

In this session you'll learn how to convert your own designs into your own awesome Drupal themes in five easy steps.

We'll cover the basics of how to:

* Optimize your design files to make theming easier.
* Evaluate common base themes and know when to choose between several popular base themes (e.g., Zen).
* Create a new Drupal theme by extending a base theme.
* Develop common template files (tpl.php) necessary to theme pages and nodes using a text editor.
* Share your designs with others (licensing, uploading to and selling your themes).

Whether you want to build and sell your own designs, or you're a newly hired designer at a Drupal Web development shop, this session will give you the confidence to transform your imagination into a working Web site.

Prerequisite: This is for Intermediate Drupal Users. For beginners or those evaluating Drupal for the first time, we highly recommend attending the Drupal KickStart Program on Monday, May 3rd.


Project Module developer | Drupal Association

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