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Content related to the Python programming language.

Taming Rich GML With stETL, A Lightweight Python Framework For Geospatial ETL

in FOSS4G2013, Programming, Python

Data conversion combined with model and coordinate transformation from a source to a target datastore (files, databases) is a recurring task in almost every geospatial project.

Just van den Broecke
28 Oct

CSV Import/Export Support

in Blog, UCOSP FALL 2011, UCOSP, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer

CSV import/export feature were pushed to Freeseer's experimental branch earlier this week.
To export CSV open Freeseer-TalkEditor. 

25 Oct

Plugin loading logic changed in backend

in Programming, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer


Quick update tonight I push to experimental a change in the backend plugin logic