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Content related to the GCC compiler.
16 Nov

AsSVG Implementation Progress

in Blog, gcc, UCOSP Fall 2010, Ingres, UCOSP

When I updated to the latest revision in the main git repository a little over a week ago, I hit a build issue looking for "libgeos_c.a".  After quite some trial and help from Alex and Andrew, the solution was to build libgeos using autoconf instead of cmake.

14 Nov

UCOSP - Integrating KML into SQL Stub function

in Blog, Build, gcc, UCOSP Fall 2010, Ingres, UCOSP, Intern

So, this week I embarked on the journey to get my asKML function working end-to-end. At this moment, I've implemented the well known binary to kml conversion, and I've also made a stub SQL file asKML which simply returns the same as asBinary, but I wanted to get them working together.