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Fedora ARM Build System

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Toronto, ON
43° 39' 9" N, 79° 22' 54.0012" W

The ARM processor is the most popular processor in the world, with over 1 billion produced annually. ARM based systems also draw very little power, with most using less then 10 watts. The main problem with ARM based systems is the lack of software support for those wishing to take advantage of these low cost computers, our hope is to change that.
We have created a Koji Build System for ARM based computers. Koji is the software used by the Fedora Project to test applications and ensure they work on different architectures before being made available to end users. In order to accomplish this we have built a small scale server farm of ARM based machines. These machines report to a central server and request "jobs" , in our case software packages that will be tested with the results being reported back to the maintainer of that software. If the package will not work on ARM, the maintainer will be notified automatically and has the ability to find out why using the web interface. Once the needed changes are made, they may submit the packages again for testing until the software works on ARM as well as the primary architectures, x86 and x86_64. This allows developers to use ARM based machines without having to relearn another operating system, and to take advantage of the over 15,000 packages maintained by the Fedora Project.

Paul Whalen
29 Mar

Linux support for PPC endangered

in Fedora, Programming, Ubuntu, Linux

I can remember days not that long ago when YellowDog Linux was the best option (and nearly only option) for running Linux on PPC based machines. It seems there is evidence to indicate a trend back in that direction.

24 Mar

Impress your friends with useful/cool/powerful one-line commands

in Fedora, Sysadmin, Ubuntu

While some of these I use often, some of these fall under the cool! - I didn't know that category. I particularly appreciate the ssh tunnelling one-liner and at commands.

23 Mar

Useful walkthrough of the Linux boot sequence

in Fedora, Programming, Sysadmin, Ubuntu, Linux

This article is a good overview and dip into the Linux boot sequence: