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25 Oct

Video streaming updates - gst-launch and Icecast2

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Note: Due to my schedule conflicts, this is my delayed 2nd blog post. I expect to be posting another entry in the coming two days, as I hope to be able to get more work done.

***** WORK DONE *****

- Went through various webpages / blog entries to try to get a better understanding of Icecast2, Gstreamer and "gst-launch-0.10" tool.

24 Oct

Freeseer - Packaging Beta Deb

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Well, I was up very late last night (this morning) and I have some exciting updates!

I have extended / nearly rewrote the configuration for `` which will allow us to seamlessly export the build to a properly configured tarball for packaging!

This gives us the following functionality:

20 Oct

Language Tool Update

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I have updated the tools for updating and adding new languages by changing from a command line interface to a GUI. Here is a screenshot:

17 Oct

Freeseer Issue 58 Project Plan

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In order to succeed at implementing the fixes suggested in Issue 58 of the Freeseer project I will need to do the following: