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13 Nov

Issue with current state of the GUI

in Education, UCOSP 2010, Freeseer

I've noticed a slight inconvenience in the current design of the GUI. My problem is that the GUI provides no easy way to obtain some currently showing data properties (at least that I can tell). Specifically, the "speaker" and "title" properties of a selected presentation.

09 Nov

Translation FInishing Touches

in Blog, UCOSP Fall 2010, UCOSP, Freeseer

After finishing my last midterm ,  I have spent my time doing some of the finishing touches on the language creation tool. Most of this involved touching up the documentation and ensuring all the possible errors were being handled properly.

01 Nov

Freeseer - Packaging Beta-2 Deb

in Packaging, Freeseer

Hello Folks:

Last week and earlier this week, I have finalized a lot of the application's file system layout and aligned Freeseer with Debian and Ubuntu policies. This will allow us to have a seamless transition into their repositories early next year after we finish this semester's coding.

27 Oct

Documentation!! and updated plan

in Blog, UCOSP Fall 2010, UCOSP, Freeseer

I have updated the ReadMe file with instructions on how to add/update translations. Currently , I am in the process of testing the system. After testing the locales seem to be the same on both fedora and Ubuntu so there should be no problems there.

Due to midterm week I am adjusting my plan