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02 Dec

Record video from anything

in Video, UCOSP, Freeseer

Our latest round of development is wrapping up with the calendar year so it is a good time to provide a sneak preview of what's coming in Freeseer 2.0. For those that aren't familiar with Freeseer, it's an open source software video recording suite. It records video from firewire, usb, local desktop, and more. This video provides a brief view of features coming in 2.0 and a very short introduction.

29 Nov

Freeseer - Packaging Documentation and other updates

in Packaging, Freeseer

Hi Folks:

It's been awhile since my last blog update due to exams, projects and the general busyness of school :)

16 Nov

Video conferencing: some updates and problems

in Blog, UCOSP Fall 2010, Video, Ubuntu, UCOSP, Python, FOSSLC, Freeseer

I have managed to come up with the pipeline for gstreamer+icecast2
server but at the moment it only works for short duration. The pipeline
actually works as I can use the same elements to record to a file
locally. Using "shout2send" even the mount point on the icecast2 server
shows up accordingly. The problem is when I actually use a client to