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12 Apr

State of Freeseer in April 2011

in Community, Education, Programming, Video, GPL, Python, Freeseer, Programming

I want to share a few updates about the Freeseer project. This blog seemed the best way to do it.

02 Apr

Freeseer video recording and streaming tool

in Community, Programming, Video, Freeseer, Programming

This short video is an introduction to the Freeseer video recording and streaming tool. This software is very good at recording video from firewire, rca, s-video, vga, and even local desktop. Freeseer is open source software, licensed under the GPLv3. Version 2.0.0 was just released. The current development version, 2.5.3 adds Windows and live Streaming to icecast is being tested and should be released soon.

Freeseer does a very good job of recording and has been proven by recording many large conferences. In time, the project will develop or partner with software to add front end features like scheduling webcasts, sending invitations, and so forth.