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Content related to Freeseer.
08 Oct

Freeseer ConfigTool Plugin UI improvements

in Programming, Python, Freeseer

Some improvements have been added to Freeseer's ConfigTool in the experimental branch in today's commit 

05 Oct

Freeseer's forthcoming Video Uploader GUI

in Blog, UCOSP, Python, Freeseer

Hi, I'm Jordan Klassen, a student at Simon Fraser University, situated on the west coast of Canada.

29 May

Steady march towards ubiquitous open video

in Programming, Video, Freeseer

Recently someone popped into our IRC channel and reminded me about a project I thought I might have heard about before. One of the best open source podcast right now is FLOSS Weekly hosted by Randal Schwartz. Being a busy guy, I often listen to it while traveling and at other times which may mean varying degrees of exhaustion and alertness. In this case, being reminded about WebcamStudio for GNU/Linux trigged me to reach out to the project founder and lead developer Patrick Balleux. I figured it was worthwhile to say as his work has a lot of overlap with what we've been doing with the Freeseer project. I've been thrilled to get a chance to converse with an amazing person like Patrick who has done a ton of work with web video/streaming video. More on this later. For now, I highly recommend checking out his project and software. WebcamStudio For GNU/Linux.

It is great to see an ecosystem growing and starting to thrive around open video and capabilities that were not possible a few years ago.