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07 Oct

Freeseer Packaging!

in Packaging, UCOSP Fall 2010, Freeseer

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post, so I might as well introduce myself! My name is Jaymes Bearden and I am a graduating student from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC. I am working on the Freeseer team with Andrew Ross and Thahn Ha through the UCOSP program.

05 Oct

Update on Translation

in Blog, UCOSP Fall 2010, Freeseer

Hello everyone, the translation of the Freeseer is coming along well. Here is an update on where I am at. the . I have finished the set up for translation and tested it with a test translation into French. 

Here is a brief description of how the system works so far.

04 Oct

UCOSP Fall 2010 Code sprint and program kick-off

in Education, UCOSP Fall 2010, Ingres, UCOSP, Intern, Freeseer

This past weekend, we held a code sprint in Toronto for the fall 2010 edition of the Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Project (UCOSP) program. This program is the brain child of Greg Wilson, someone I greatly respect for countless reasons... amazing just doesn't seem sufficient.

Demo video - free video capture utility (Freeseer v1.9.5)

in Community, Fedora, How To, Video, Ubuntu, Python, Freeseer

This short demo video showcases the free video capture utility, Freeseer. Freeseer is designed for screen casting and capturing presentations. It captures from a variety of sources including USB devices like webcams/vga capture devices, firewire devices such as camcorders, and local desktop.

Andrew Ross