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Maven: A brief history, introduction and roadmap

in Build, SC2011, Apache, Eclipse
Jason van Zyl

Maven has been around for almost ten years, but much of its early history is unknown and it's actually interesting. This talk will start with a brief history of how the Maven project started, what the initial goals of the project were, and the problems we were trying to solve. We'll then move into an introduction of the major sub-systems of Maven and how they have evolved over ten years, the ecosystem that has been created and we'll follow that up with a roadmap for the Maven project and discuss what Maven will look like a year from now.

20 Jul

Apache Lucene - disrupting the search industry

in Programming, Apache

Matt Asay had an interesting blog (ok, so in truth his blog is always interesting...) about Apache Lucene. Lucene is an open source project providing search engine technology. In Matt's blog, he discusses recent acquisitions of other search technologies by Microsoft for very large sums of money. He then points out Apache Lucene provides better performance from open source software - thus attractive in terms of costs. He mentions a start up based on Lucene.

What is also interesting is that Matt goes beyond to point out job statistics regarding Lucene. We always love to see this kind of data as it helps people appreciate that open source technology does not equate with no job prospects. We did a blog about this entitled Where are the open source jobs.

We've covered Lucene before - you'll enjoy this video by Dr. Shahzad Kahn: