FOSSLC is a non-profit organization that specializes in technology and know-how to record conferences with excellent quality. Click on the icons below to view great videos from communities we are actively involved with:



Our Vision

Improve lives with open source.

Our Mission

  • Develop really easy to use video recording and streaming technology
  • Provide outreach related to open source technologies.
  • Promote open standards and interoperability.
  • Provide a vendor neutral and safe place for newcomers to learn.
  • Record and share online videos of great lectures, presentations, and demos.
  • Help people find gainful employment.
  • Support open source communities, projects, foundations, and start ups.
  • Help educators be more effective teaching using open source technologies.
  • Help companies, communities, academics interested in open source to connect.


FOSSLC was founded in January 2008 in Ottawa, Canada. It began with an invitation from Andrew Ross to local Universities and Colleges to participate in a training bootcamp for new employees and interns. The invitation was accepted and support provided by Rowland Few from the Talent First Network based out of Carleton University. After up-sizing the room a few times, the first bootcamp had 75 people attend a 3 hour session.

Since 2008, FOSSLC has continued to grow. FOSSLC has now held and recorded dozens of events around the world. The videos served by FOSSLC have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. And web traffic to FOSSLC's site is approximately a million people per year and growing which encourages us to keep going.

In 2009, FOSSLC incorporated as a non-profit organization and began establishing local chapters. Alex Thiem established an incorporated chapter in Germany,

In 2011, financial support from a benefactor allowed hiring Teresa Baldwin as our first Community Manager. Her work helps coordinate our interactions with other communities and take care of the day to day tasks that keep things running smoothly.

FOSSLC's relationships with other foundations, Universities, Colleges and others continued to develop leading to more events and partnering to record other great conferences such as OSGeo's FOSS4G, Seneca College's FSOSS, PGCon, BSDCan, Eclipse's democamps, EclipseCon, EclipseCon Europe, OpenStreetMap's State of the Map, and more.

In 2009, to make what we do easier and more cost effective, FOSSLC developed Freeseer, a portable presentation recording station. This software, licensed under the GPL license (v3) dropped the cost of recording presentations, demos, and lectures by well over an order of magnitude. This facilitated recording more content for a much more affordable rate.

FOSSLC continues to grow until this day. If you are interested in working with FOSSLC, please contact questions at fosslc dot org. Read What the heck is FOSSLC? more information about who we are and what we do.